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Busy day for us here! The first two of FIVE BC invited guests announced today are Mandy Leon and Angelina Love, The Allure! Don’t miss The Allure at #BCBP! Meet and greets available now on the website.

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Two matches just signed for Bound By Honor in Nashville, Tenn., on Feb. 28 are: Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry versus Haskins and Tracy Williams versus Vincent and Bateman in a three-way tag match, and The Allure’s Angelina Love versus Nicole Savoy.

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Bully Ray arrives to kill the momentum of the show. Bully harasses Caprice Coleman, and shoves down ring announcer Bobby Cruise. He dares someone to come in the ring and stop him. All he’s heard on social media and in the dirt sheets is how Maria Manic will cal him out. No one calls him out, he calls her out. She arrives in the crowd Bully says it’s funny that the fans want her to kick his ass but she knows she can’t do it. She heads to the ring and Bully keeps egging her on. She gets on the apron and Bully says he wants to see how tough she is and wants her in the ring. She gets in the ring and spears Bully and follows with ground and pound. She gets a chair and lays into Bully with chair shots. Maria gets a table, slides it in and Bully attacks. He sets up the table, and Maria attacks until the Allure attack. They beat Maria down lays her on the table. Bully puts her through it with a splash.

Sumie Sakai & Nicole Savoy vs. The Allure: The Allure attacks and they all brawl on the floor. In the ring and the faces take control, dumping Leon, and grounding Love. Savoy in control, working submissions and the rings of Savoy. Love fights her off, slow motion Leon tags in and Savoy grounds her with ease cradles her for 2. She follows with a rear naked choke, transitions to a hammerlock but Leon fights to her feet until Savoy arm bars her. Leon escapes, tags in Love and Savoy follows with a Saito suplex. Sakai in and follows with a knee strike. Leon and Love cut her off, and double teams follow. Leon hits double knees, covering for 2. Love in and chokes out Sakai, but Sakai counters back into a neck breaker. Savoy tags in, runs wild with suplexes and covers for 2. It breaks down, double submissions by the faces and Love makes the ropes. Sakai hits a missile dropkick for 2. Leon counters back, Savoy in and accidentally kicks Sakai and Leon cradles Sakai for the win. The Allure defeated Sumie Sakai & Nicole Savoy @ 8:50 via pin

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1. Home Alone

2. Home Alone 2

3. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

4. The Grinch

5. White Christmas

6. Christmas with a View (too) haha


Be sure to give these movies a watch tonight and tomorrow and have a wonderful holiday! 😊🎅🏻🎁🎄☃️🌨

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Signed for Final Battle!

Angelina Love vs Maria Manic!

Join us LIVE in Baltimore Friday – Dec. 13 at UMBC Event Center or Streaming LIVE for Honor Club / Fite TV! 






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Angelina Love will be at Blizzard Brawl Sat. December 7th, Waukesha County Expo. 


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Colt announces that the Allure will face Sumi Sakai and Jenny Rose in a no DQ match.

No Disqualification Match: Sumi Sakai and Jenny Rose vs The Allure

The bell rings and the babyfaces immediately attack the heels. Sumi and Jenny send the Allure running into each other. The fans are loving this. They roll Mandy Leon into the ring. The babyfaces double team Mandy now. Mandy is able to fight back. Mandy pulls out a chain and starts choking Jenny. Mandy pushes her over the apron and holds on with the chain around her throat. He eventually allows her to drop to the outside.

The Allure set up Sumi Sakai on a chair and hit a double dropkick. Sumi Sakai attacks the Allure with a doll. She hits them both in the face with it. She places the doll in the middle of the ring and bows to it. Sumi places the chair in the middle of the ring. She nails Angelina with a brainbuster onto the chair, but only gets a 2 count out of it. Sumi climbs to the top and jumps off with a moonsault, but Angelina rolls out of the way and Sumi goes into the chair.

On the stage, Jenny spears Mandy.

Back in the ring, Sumi and Angelina play tug of war with the chair. Sumi lets go and the chair smacks Angelina in the face. Sumi reaches for the doll and goes to hit Angelina with it, but Angelina ducks and nails the Botox Injection for the win.

Winners: The Allure

-After the match, Angelina grabs a mic. She says, “Let me tell you something, Brother!” But before she can finish, we hear the scream of Maria Manic’s theme song. She storms out and goes straight to the ring. She takes the microphone and says, “At Final Battle, you’re dead, bitch.” Angelina hunkers over and leaves. Maria celebrates on the turnbuckle.


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Saturday Nov 9th HVAC Pub in Chicago, meet Angelina Love at the Heroes and Legends show.

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Saturday, October 19 the current ROH Women of Honor Champion Angelina Love will be in the house at our event, Eat Your…

Posted by Battle Zone Wrestling on Monday, September 30, 2019


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Angelina Love vs. Kelly Klein for the Women of Honor World Championship

Klein stormed at Love at the bell and went on to beat the crap out of love for about a minute straight. Klein used a Northern Lights suplex for the first near-fall of the match. Love countered with a jawbreaker, and later landed a Thesz Press off the apron to the floor.
Klein powered out of Love’s anaconda clutch midway through this and started ragdolling her around the ring with suplexes and K-Power in her comeback. Love kicked out. These two were really working hard here. Love returned with a Botox Injection kick and plancha from the top rope to the floor. Mandy Leon assured Love that she was still pretty. Klein came in at the count of 19. Love missed another Botox Injection, and when Klein went for another K-Power, she accidentally knocked the referee out. People immediately started to boo, even before Mandy Leon entered the ring and started dancing with a chair.
The lights went out and Maria Manic came out and put Leon in a torture rack, then did the same to Love. Klein got back up, delivered K-Power again and pinned Love to regain the Women of Honor championship.

Winner: New Women’s of Honor Champion: Kelly Klein


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