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One of the founding members of the Knockouts division, Angelina Love undoubtedly made her mark on women’s wrestling. Beautiful, intense and immensely talented, Angelina is a record-tying six-time Knockouts champion for a reason. She’s come toe-to-toe with nearly every woman to ever step foot in the Knockouts locker room and her win-loss record would indicate that she rarely encountered a challenge she couldn’t conquer. Awesome Kong, Gail Kim and Roxxi are just the beginning of a long list of competitors that Angelina has gone to battle against and taken to their limits. Whether she chooses to finish you off with a lethal kick she refers to as the Botox Injection, or drives your face to the mat with “Lights Out,” chances are if you bring less than your A-game into the ring against this fierce blonde bombshell, you won’t stand a chance.

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1. I definitely love Zombie by Bad Wolves
2. High Hopes by Panic at the Disco
3. House on Fire by Rise Against
4. Shinedown- Get Up
5. Highly Suspect- Little One
6. Marshmello- Happier
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