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 Posted by: Krista    Date: December 14th 2019    Categories: Angelina Love, Results, ROH, ROH PPV, ROH Results, ScreenCaps, TheAllure, wrestling

The Allure are interviewed about Love’s match with Manic tonight. She’s not afraid of Manic and will prove why she is a 7-time champion.

Maria Manic vs. Angelina Love: Mandy Leon is at ringside. Manic rushes the ring, runs wild and hits slams. She chokes out Love, slam Leon to the mat and works them over. Leon spills to the floor, tosses Love across the ring and follows with the running boot. Manic celebrates, and back in, the powerbomb follows. Manic celebrates, Leon in and Manic takes her out. She caches the high cross into a fall away slam. To the apron and Leon makes the save. Manic slams her on the floor, and press slams Love onto a table at ringside. Manic steals someone’s MJF scarf and drinks some water. She rolls Love back in and the torture rack finishes it, Maria Manic defeated Angelina Love @ 6:25 via submission


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Angelina Love

Lauren Ann Williams is a Canadian professional wrestler currently signed to Ring of Honor as one-third of the heel stable known as The Allure, where she is a former Women of Honor World Champion. She is best known for her time in TNA/Impact Wrestling under the ring name Angelina Love.

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